Tokyo Metro 5000 on Sale!

this trainset is perfect and suit to be operated in Chiyoda Branch Line's DLC Route!


Shinkansen E3

Coming soon! 


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Our Routes
Furano Line<br>
Furano Line
The Furano Line route is the 52,4 km length and the route has 18 stations with the real object as real as real world (from Furano Station to Asahikawa Station). This route has 4 sessions includes:
Chiyoda Branch Line<br>
Chiyoda Branch Line
Chiyoda Branch Line is the Tokyo Metro Line in Tokyo, Japan. This route will bring you the landscape of Japan's suburban city.This route gives you a taste of the fast-paced busy suburban lifestyle of Tokyo Metro. 
Yamanote Line<br>
Yamanote Line
Yamanote Line its one of Tokyo's busiest and most important lines. This route has 29 stations connecting to other railway or underground (subway) lines.